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synthetic sleeper

zbrf developed synthetic sleeper according to jis 1203

synthetic sleeper are developed by the production process of forming with  polyurethane forming, this type of sleeper are used to replace of wood sleepers because of limit resource. they are widely used at bridges, turnouts and also lrt.

they are made to specification of jis1203. with test results below:

flexural strength up to 203 n/mm2

bending test of young's modlulus up to 14600n/mm2

bending load resistance up to 195kn

 longitudinal compressive strength up to 103 n/mm2

shear strength up to 8.6 n/mm2

ac withstand voltage 41.2 kv

dc insulation resistance up to 3.6x1014

spike puling out strength up to 17.68kn

density 0.79g/cm2

water absorption up to 4.6 mg/cm2

fatigue test: 105 cycles without any cracks

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