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  • by the end of 2017, we were approved by db through quality audit of railway bolt, forged clips and spring clips @ taicang

  • the first rubber wheel tramway line at crrc, rail fastening designed together with zbrf, special for high declivity in chongqing area. zbrf finished the supply of rail fastening to the trial line in qingdao, @2016

  • started to supply to t1 tramway in grand hanyang, wuhan in 2015 @ wuhan

  • since 2014, after aprpoved by kz railway of product w14 rail fastening, we started to supply hundreds thousand set to kz railway, and won good reputation from end user.

  • after testing by esi, our product of track bolt was approved by up, and started to supply by the end of 2013.

  • after 2 years construction, the current production site and new office building finished. by the end of 2012, all companied combined to zbrf, and moved to shaxi industry park .

  • as a strong partner, suzhou guoxin group wangshun import and export co., ltd joined zbrf in 2010

  • we started to suppy high speed railway fastening to china high speed railway in 2009 through oem

  • to meet increased business, in 2008, we expanded our production by establishing zbrf @ taicang, to double our production capability in 2008

  • to handle business of track work beside rail fastening, and handle exporting business, 2nd company established called cowin [email protected], in 2007

  • as the former company of zbrf, also as the first own business of founder, in 2004, the first company hbrf established @ changshu

  • in the year of 1992, the founder of zbrf started his journey in railway fastening industry @ xiamen

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zbrf is a leading manufacturer of rail fastening, track work spare parts, tunnel bolts in china.
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